Zephyr Field

New Orleans, Louisiana

Oct. 18 - 21, 2012

Season 21

New Orleans, LA

Supported by the Florida Marlins minor league team the Zephyrs, we raised money for Canine Companions for Independence. This was a surprise to Reconcile New Orleans, an inner-city program to steer people into the cooking and hospitality industry. Reconcile had been promised by one of the members that they were to be our beneficiary and they rolled out the greatest spread of food in club history. This misunderstanding was a colossal screwed-up mess. having Poet Laureate Marc Matthews swooped in and saved the day with an emergency fundraiser raffle for Masters tickets to generate some scratch to help save face with Reconcile.

Bourbon Street night patrol was the evening star, featuring Phil Bouie vs. the city’s famed cocktail hurricane. Smiler bleached his hair and added green lightning bolts, which did not wash out, so Smiler ends up shaving his head, which had a big lumpy scar. We loved Smiler but, boy, he sure had an ugly head.


Canine Companions For Independence


Marine Corps Scholarship Fund


Jim "Catfish" Hunter Foundation



Jay Davis

Chairman's Award

Tommy Harrell

Chairman's Award

Ted Simendinger

Lifetime Achievement

Dave Stuart

Tournament MVP

Scott Hammerle

Rookie of the Year

John Chapman

Comeback Player of the Year

John Chapman

Team MVP

Pat Hannan

Team MVP

Mike Steffgen

Team MVP

Dave Stuart

Team MVP

Pete Vlasses

Team MVP

Domenic Camarda

Web Gem


Bill Bouie

Conor Maynard

Bob Moyer

Mark Wilcox


Phil Bouie

Alex Gallegos

Todd Nelson

Robb Struckel


Dave Cassese

Scott Hammerle