Round Rock Express

Round Rock, Texas

Oct. 18 - 21, 2003

Season 13

Round Rock, TX

Hosted by Ryan-Sanders Baseball, we raised money and honored surviving Negro Leaguers: Charles Johnson (a staunch advocate of civil rights, Ira McKnight, and San Antonio’s John “Mule” Miles among them. Those guys, who really played, were joined by several fakers who did not. After speaking on the phone with Fay Vincent, a longtime advocate for Negro Leaguers, the Chairman decided to route the money through MLB’s Baseball Assistance Team (B.A.T.), which made sure the money went solely to real Negro League alumni and not to con men and grifters.

In other action, John Costigan parked in a handicapped spot and got nailed for it.


Baseball Assistance Team (B.A.T.)


Nolan Ryan Foundation


Negro League Reunion


India Baseball Project


"Best Of In The Bleachers" Charity Rewards


Gold Crown Foundation


Jim "Catfish" Hunter Foundation


Hall of Fame

Brian Fawcett

Dick Kievit

Todd Nelson


JJ Gottsch

Chairman's Award

Bill Brockway

Tournament MVP

Mike Byrne

Team MVP

Rob Halcomb

Team MVP

Don Lippert

Team MVP

Todd Nelson

Team MVP


Jay Davis

Scott Dow

Bob Kedzior

Murphy Reed


Murphy Reed


Dan Carroll

Bobby Chivera

JJ Gottsch

Rob Halcomb

Howard Katz

Paul McMullen

Hank McRoberts

Steve Moore

Brian Rhoney

Reid Ryan

Gary Schloss